Louisville’s original Catholic school, Presentation Academy is a college preparatory academy for young women. Made up of tomorrow’s influencers and leaders, we are a sisterhood who welcomes students from all backgrounds. With diversity at our core, inclusivity and individuality aren’t only encouraged, they’re necessary.

be a leader

Leadership skill development is an integral piece of Presentation’s curriculum, and it begins freshman year. Students lead clubs, events, retreats and service activities, as well as the Seventh and Eighth Grade Leadership Forums for area grade schoolers. Students hear from guest speakers throughout the year, and they are strongly encouraged to job shadow.

“I never understood what people meant when they asked me if it felt like home after I shadowed a new high school until I came to Pres. It instantly felt like a home – from the welcoming, strong, kind, independent girls to the amazing staff here at Presentation. Pres made it possible for me to feel like I belong, yet stand out and thrive at the same time.” – Lauren Schreck ‘25


Forget the cookie cutter. At Presentation, we are about breaking the mold. We work hard to create an atmosphere where you can be yourself and truly be creative in the classroom, art studio, dance studio, theatre, music room, Idea Space, and computer and science labs. Our Senior Independent Program gives seniors the opportunity to create their own class and explore their passions while receiving credit for it.


Presentation students can begin their college careers early by walking next door and taking college courses at our next-door neighbor, Spalding University, or logging on to online courses through Jefferson Community and Technical College. We also offer both dual credit and Advanced Placement courses with our Pres teachers.

With the many clubs, athletic opportunities, and high-level curriculum and the city of Louisville literally at their feet, my girls have found their voice, have become well-rounded, and have flourished! The feeling of sisterhood, acceptance and family is just as strong today for them as it was 30-plus years ago for me. From the first day they walked up the front steps, to their last day when they will sign their names next mine on the Tower wall, I know that this diverse community and family setting will have molded my girls into strong, compassionate, independent women! I have no doubt that my girls will leave Pres prepared for their next level of education and success in life. We are all one sisterhood at Pres where EVERYONE belongs!” – Jennifer Potter Abell ’91 

be seen,
be heard

At Presentation, we believe that every young woman matters and deserves attention that will help her be seen, heard and grow during her four years at Pres. It’s an environment where everyone knows your name and you are accepted. Our 8:1 student to teacher ratio means students who excel are further challenged and students who need extra help receive individualized attention.


From scoring the winning goal to planning a Walk-a-thon pep rally for Student Council, students are encouraged to be involved and to have a rich and fulfilling student life filled with a variety of experiences that help them grow and develop to their fullest potential. With 15 varsity-level sports, active theatre and music departments, and numerous clubs, there is more than one “something” for every Pres Girl. In fact, 65 percent of our students play at least one sport and, of those, 30 percent play two or more.